Progressing responsibly

Euro makes and markets a wide range of foods and beverages tailor made to suit the indian palate. Euro’s products are a great way to celebrate life in the small moments. At Euro, we make our products as healthy as possible. Pair them with a healthy lifestyle, and Euro’s choicest snacks are ready to satisfy every taste bud for years to come. Read more.

Euro Chips

Euro’s Chips are fresh and crispy snack food. These are made from the choicest potatoes utilizing healthy and hygienic processes at our state of the art manufacturing unit under strict quality control. We make sure that the chips stay fresh and crispy for longer period of time.

Get More

Euro’s Getmore is tastier, crispier and yummier of all the extruded snacks available. Every crispy crunchy bite will surprise you with its extraordinary taste. Each time you finish a packet, you would feel like running to the store to ‘GETMORE.’

Munch On

Have a few guests or just want to pick something, to munch on? Want to serve some munchies with drinks? Nothing better that serves you better than some few quick bites of Euro Namkeens. From something that is spicy to something sweet, that leaves a lasting taste.

Fresh Ho Jao

The thirst for water cannot be replaced by any other drink. Keeping that in mind and also ensuring that you get safe healthy drinking water wherever you are, Euro has come up with a bottle of packaged drinking water called, Spa.


EURO Magic Funfill is the unique delicacy introduced for the very first time in the family of Snacks Food. A great mishmash of Corn Pillows with Delightful Crème inside. This amazing snack is one of its kinds. The crème is extracted from choicest of mangoes & strawberries to give a very Original and Fresh Taste. Every bite of it will take you to the tour of creamy delight.


Euro’s Farali is a category that has been introduced particularly for those Indians that observe religious fasts or for those who would like to have some diet food. These products are made with a tinge of ‘Sindhav Salt’ added to them, thus making them suitable for fast observers.

Euro Health Funda

100% vegetarian
0% cholesterol
0% Trans Fat Acid

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